About the placement and taboos of citrine cornucopia

treasure bowl

About the placement and taboos of citrine cornucopia

Treasure pots need to be paired with a lighted talisman, that is, only those that have been lighted can be used. You can invite the talisman in the temple or your own money to go through the incense, come back to the red paper can be wrapped, placed in their own treasure bowl, can have the function of saving, nourishing wealth.

Treasure pots as a whole like ordinary tile pots in general, but it can gather gas to generate wealth, prosperous home feng shui. The materials used to make it range from copper to crystal jade, so you can choose the right feng shui ornament for your treasure bowl according to your needs.

It is in the feng shui of the house, the main wealth, can be measured in the northeast of the home placed in an auspicious position, Treasure Bowl can be put into some gold and silver jewels meaning wealth, and put some crops means that the five grains of abundance. As to how much to put in the end, can be slightly higher than the edge of the treasure bowl shall prevail, so that it has a “full” feeling.

If it is placed in the room, you can use a smaller one. If the treasure bowl placed in the house or the financial sector of the financial position, the need for a larger more appropriate, more than enough gas, the pattern is large enough to dry the source of wealth is not; if it is placed in the room, can be used a little smaller.

Treasure bowl can be placed in the cash register, peace cabinet, money cabinet of the upper and lower left and right contact position, and these positions must adhere to its clean, ventilated, it can have the effect of gathering gas, gathering wealth.

Therefore, in the northeast can be placed in the treasure bowl plus coins to magnify the source of wealth, gathering wealth, but should not add water, because the northeast should not have water; put the southwest means the introduction of horizontal wealth; put the northeast means the introduction of the cause of wealth; put the south of the eight industry wealth; put the South is meant to be a good harvest.

At the same time the treasure bowl can also be used with the brave. In the coffee table will be placed in front of the treasure pot bravery, and inside the water, coins, you can expand the bravery effect of attracting wealth.

2. Jubao basin and crystal ball placement

Crystal ball: responds to all requests. Used for meditation, prediction, a symbol of magical power. The crystal ball represents completeness, roundness, and mellowness, and helps to fulfill wishes.

Hexagonal Pillar: represents stability and peace. The hexagonal shape is said to be the most stable shape in nature.

Seven Star Formation: Equilateral triangles, the size and length of the seven as a combination, that is, each side of the seven inches or seven work minutes, overlapping the top and bottom, each corner of a crystal pillar or ball, placed in the center of a slightly larger main stone, that is, the formation of the seven star formation, daily meditation on the seven stars to form a good energy field. Different crystals are used for different aspects.

White Seven Star Array can relieve disasters and purify the body; Green Seven Star Array helps career success; Hibiscus Array brings love; Tea Crystal increases the chances of making a fortune; Amethyst Array helps to develop wisdom and stimulate creativity, and so on.

You can also use white, yellow, green, purple, black, hair, pink seven-color crystal ball set into a seven-color array, praying for what you wish.

Treasure Bowl: a round agate ball, cut open, the middle is actually empty, forming a spherical basin, the inside and full of tiny crystals, such as autumn frost, like winter snow, in the light flashing with a fascinating luster, coupled with the agate colorful, called the Treasure Bowl is not too much to say that the treasure to hide the strange, nurture the birth of a child, can be described as magical.

Treasure Bowl is also known as the Dragon’s Lair, in this relatively closed cave, crystal generation, reflection, role and oscillation, the formation of an excellent place to gather treasure Bowl gas.

Putting your own treasures or wishes in it, along with visualization and prayers, will have twice the effect with half the effort in achieving your wishes!

3. Crystal Treasure Bowl Placement Taboos

1. Treasure pots have the function of saving and nurturing wealth. Putting lottery tickets and coins into treasure pots can nurture wealth.

2, in front of the door of the house, behind the window put treasure bowl, have gathered anger, Na gathered wealth positive effect.

3, Treasure Bowl can be used as a purification and charging tool for other crystals and jade jewelry.

4, rumor has it that as long as you write your wish on paper, put it into the Treasure Bowl for two or three days and then cremate it, so that the pure and strengthened thoughts are conveyed with the fire and wind, you can realize the wishes of the people.

4. Putting crystals inside the Treasure Pot

Formed by the movement of the earth’s crust

As the mantle magma material rises along the weak spots of the earth’s crust during intrusive activities, coupled with a gradual decrease in temperature, SO2 (i.e., quartz) in the magma, in which there is ample room for growth, slowly cools to form crystals.

5. Pictures of Crystal Jewel Pots Placement

Strictly speaking, the size: 12 * 12 * 6 cm is the best, it is more suitable for

Choose materials that can breathe, not synthetic plastic or glass.

Volume does not have to be large, the important thing is that the contents of the pendulum has energy, it is best to hide, too large a pot of treasure instead of not easy to set up.

Home treasure pots do not too much, if a 4-room apartment, only 1 to 3 treasure pots, if a small suite, set up one or two dozen treasure pots, the main source of wealth chaos, what money want to earn, have the opportunity to earn, but not for the scale, pattern is not great.

6. Crystal treasure bowl in the home what position good

What to put under the bed will be prosperous wealth:

  1. Put drawers under the bed

  Every family bed should have Simmons, and Simmons underneath is our bed board, and the bed board underground belongs to the area under the bed, many families because of space will put it as a storage area, remember that this area can be put in the drawer, and then remember to put some clothes or some crystals to press the bed, is that this space can not be put in the fragmented chaos or long time not to use the things, otherwise. May lead to your wealth leakage, can not gather wealth, so prosperous wealth will be difficult.

  2, under the bed put red envelope

  There are some family elders will have some small feudal, that is, put the red envelope under the bed, so that the bottom of the bed can be compared to the wealth box, because the last article has been put into the drawer, then you can put a red envelope in the drawer in order to figure out great luck, wealth and prosperity of auspicious fortune.

  3, under the bed to put six pieces of wealth box plate

  This first need to find a respected person, entrusted to send the elderly at home six pieces of wealth box sign, the sign should be written above the name of the six, and then can be affixed to the bottom of the bed drawer, with the second red envelope, you can turn the drawer into a wealth box.

  4, under the bed put five emperor money

Folk since ancient times have given the child to wear the tradition of five emperor money, so the five emperor money put here is also the best children have worn, five emperor money is the most prosperous five emperors in the Chinese nation of the coins cast, so the five emperor money convergence of the essence, is conducive to the channeling of wealth.

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