philosophical aspects of faith


philosophical aspects of faith

At the philosophical level, faith is the ultimate in spirituality. Just as spirituality is a product of history and reality, faith is even more derived from reality, heritage and history, especially those who have been passed down for thousands of years, has its own value and significance. For any kind of faith, we should have the wisdom of tolerance, and cannot absolutely ignore it, let alone mercilessly erase it, and it is difficult to erase it absolutely. In fact, among all kinds of faiths, there is something in common, the earnest desire for a better life, and no matter what form or expression it takes on the outside, goodness and love are always the mainstream and core connotations. The external conflict and internal polarization of various religions are their own limitations. The world is not omnipotent, and neither is religion; the world is not absolute, and religion is no exception. Blind superstition and absolute worship are not objective behaviors. Fundamentally, no one can redeem you, much less change your fate. All depends on self-liberation, self-transformation, and self-struggle. In the age of freedom of religion, we can have all kinds of beliefs. Even if we do not have clear beliefs, it does not mean that we do not believe in anything. We respect all kinds of beliefs, and we need unwavering self-confidence even more. Spiritual uprightness and emotional innocence are as all we have. Attachment is like imposition, neither can really change our heart. In the barren world, have a positive, positive faith, will strengthen our own positive energy, so that we can be more relaxed to deal with all the unpredictable changes, enjoy a happy life without worry, without favor. A desolate heartland can only make us flounder,

No one to turn to, no one to turn to, no one to turn to, no one to turn to, no one to turn to. The stillness of the heart must be . From the quiet heart, restlessness is from the heart of chaos. The power of faith, is the spirit and emotion of the inner deep planting, is the inner strength. The form is not so important, sincere heart is spiritual; life is not so much shocking waves, as long as you grasp the correct direction on the line. Life is not a prophet, the road is always simple; life is only once without the need to seek another life. As long as there is no regret in this life, is the greatest joy!

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