Eternal Echoes: Cultural and Creative at Kaifeng’s Daxiangguo Temple.

Eternal Echoes

Eternal Echoes: Cultural and Creative at Kaifeng’s Daxiangguo Temple.

In the ancient city of Kaifeng, a place steeped in a thousand years of history, lies a sacred Buddhist site that has weathered the ages. This grand and majestic Buddhist temple, known as the Great Xiangguo Temple, has carried the torch of Buddhist culture for centuries. The resonating sound of its bells echoes through time, as if flowing along the river of history. The Great Xiangguo Temple, once the largest temple in the Northern Song Dynasty’s capital and a hub for Buddhist activities nationwide, continues to draw countless pilgrims and culture enthusiasts with its rich cultural heritage and profound Buddhist teachings. Bearing the weight of a distant past and witnessing the passage of time, it now shines anew with vigor.

The temple’s history dates back to 555 AD, during the Northern Qi Dynasty, making it over 1400 years old. Initially, in the early Tang Dynasty, it served as the residence of Zheng Jing, the governor of Shezhou. It was transformed into the Great Xiangguo Temple by Tang Emperor Ruizong, commemorating his ascension to the throne. Despite facing multiple calamities like fires, floods, and wars over the centuries, the temple has stood resilient, undergoing numerous restorations to become a site of grandeur and elegance. The unyielding spirit of Buddhism has been passed down through generations here.

The Great Xiangguo Temple retains the traditional symmetrical layout of Chinese architecture, with three courtyards that give it a dignified and solemn appearance. The temple’s orderly architecture, including the Mahavira Hall, Heavenly Kings Hall, and the unique Octagonal Glazed Pavilion, showcases the splendor of Ming and Qing architectural styles. The “Xiangguo Frost Bell” in the bell tower, one of the “Eight Sights of Kaifeng,” rings out in the mornings and evenings, symbolizing peace and prosperity. The Octagonal Glazed Pavilion, in particular, is an exquisite work of art, housing a statue of the Thousand-Handed Guanyin, revered as the temple’s treasure. The temple’s rich cultural heritage and magnificent structures are truly awe-inspiring, reflecting the depth of traditional Chinese culture.

Within this venerable Buddhist sanctuary emerged a unique object of devotion: the “Incense Ash Colored Glaze Bracelet.” Made from the ashes of incense burned by pilgrims over 360 days, each bead of this bracelet embodies the continuous prayers and blessings of visitors throughout the year. These beads, crafted from the devout wishes of the temple’s visitors, serve as a sacred link between faith and the soul, making the bracelet a highly treasured object. Skilled artisans meticulously shape and polish these beads through a 49-step process, infusing them with a unique spirituality. This bracelet is not just an ornament; it’s a testament to faith and a connection to the temple.

The uniqueness of the Incense Ash Colored Glaze Bracelet lies in its encapsulation of the temple’s long history and rich cultural essence. Its design is inspired by the temple’s own history and culture, incorporating elements such as exquisitely carved mythical creatures and lifelike murals. Blending history with modernity, faith with fashion, the bracelet represents a creative fusion of traditional culture.

The bracelet’s significance extends beyond its mystical material and exquisite design; it symbolizes prosperity and good fortune, particularly through the design of the “money-swallowing beasts.” These beasts, depicted as a family of three, represent the stars of wealth, fortune, and continuous financial inflow, promising all-around prosperity to their bearers. Wearing this bracelet is believed to bring good luck and wealth, as well as the blessings of Buddhism.


In today’s bustling modern era, wearing this bracelet connects us to the tranquil and sacred atmosphere of the ancient Great Xiangguo Temple. Each bracelet is a witness to history and a continuation of faith. It’s not just a symbol of Buddhist belief but a cultural legacy, providing solace in the contemporary world. The Incense Ash Colored Glaze Bracelet bridges traditional culture and the modern spirit, representing not just a piece of jewelry but a legend, a tribute, and a continuation of Buddhist teachings. It symbolizes a spiritual connection between the wearer and the temple, resonating deeply in today’s life as a symbol of faith and

a unique cultural taste.

The Incense Ash Colored Glaze Bracelet, with its compact form, conveys profound cultural significance, vividly representing the Great Xiangguo Temple and traditional Chinese culture. It encapsulates the wisdom and blessings of the temple over a millennium, much like each incense ash bead carries the grandeur and vicissitudes of the ancient sanctuary, connecting the past, present, and future. Harnessing the mythical power of the money-swallowing beasts, it welcomes every beautiful moment in life. Through age-old craftsmanship, it merges the sanctity of the temple with the devoutness of its pilgrims, becoming a precious cultural creation.

In this bracelet, we see the marvelous fusion of an ancient temple and modern society, where faith and culture intermingle to create a Buddhist miracle. Wearing this bracelet, one constantly feels the protection of Buddhist teachings, as if possessing a tranquil sanctuary amidst the hustle and bustle of life. This bracelet is not only a symbol of faith but also a deeply meaningful gift, deserving of every soul in pursuit of inner peace and harmony.

In summary, the Incense Ash Colored Glaze Bracelet, with its delicate presence, transmits the profound cultural essence of the Great Xiangguo Temple. Containing the temple’s wisdom and blessings over centuries, each bead of incense ash bears witness to the temple’s majesty and resilience, linking the past, present, and future. Drawing on the divine power of the money-swallowing beasts, it embraces every wonderful moment in life. Crafted through ancient techniques, the bracelet embodies the sacredness of the temple and the piety of its visitors, becoming a treasured cultural product.

Through this bracelet, we witness the intriguing blend of an ancient Buddhist temple and modern society, a confluence of faith and culture, creating a miraculous Buddhist journey. Wearing this bracelet, one is constantly under the auspice of Buddhist teachings, as if finding a tranquil haven in the midst of a busy life. More than a symbol of faith, this bracelet is a deeply meaningful gift, worthy of anyone seeking tranquility and harmony in their soul.

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