Brand Manager

Brand Manager

Brandon Yi

Brandon Yi, a talented Chinese traditional musician of Chinese descent, is also a devout Buddhist disciple. As an enthusiastic promoter of Chinese traditional culture, Brandon Yi founded and operates the Li Rui Cultural Institute, a website dedicated to promoting Chinese traditional culture. His mission is to connect people around the world who are interested in Chinese traditional culture through digital platforms, sharing the rich history, culture, and arts of China.

Born into a musical family, Brandon Yi was nurtured in Chinese traditional music from a young age. Through years of diligent study and practice, he has achieved outstanding accomplishments in the field of Chinese folk music, especially in Chinese ethnic percussion. His music is not only beloved by audiences in China but has also gained widespread acclaim on the international stage. Brandon Yi believes that music is a bridge that connects hearts and transcends cultural barriers, and he often performs at concerts and cultural festivals around the world, bringing the charm of Chinese folk music to a global audience.

As a Buddhist disciple, Brandon Yi always adheres to Buddhist teachings and values in his life and work. He believes in the power of culture to enlighten the mind and elevate spiritual pursuits. Therefore, at the Li Rui Cultural Institute, you can find rich content about Chinese music, arts, and history, as well as in-depth explorations of Buddhist philosophy and life wisdom.

The Li Rui Cultural Institute is not just a window displaying Chinese traditional culture but also a platform for promoting cultural exchange. He actively cooperates with cultural institutions around the world, organizing online and offline cultural exchange activities to foster mutual understanding and respect between Chinese and foreign cultures. His work has been widely recognized and appreciated, making him an important bridge between Chinese traditional culture and the world.

As a brand leader, Brandon Yi’s leadership and vision have not only advanced his personal artistic career but also provided a unique opportunity for people worldwide to deeply understand and appreciate Chinese culture. His contributions are of significant importance in promoting cultural diversity and global cultural exchange.